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just having a headshot isn't enough

You need a GREAT headshot

QUESTION: What stands in the way of a your best headshot?  ASNSWER: The camera lens! 

The fact is, NO one is comfortable staring down a camera for the first time. You keep thinking, “How do I look? I hope I look good. I hope I don’t look bad.”  All this internal talk makes its way to your face and comes out as stress, uncertainty, and fear.   You end up looking forced at best and fake at worst.

We can’t all be professional models with hours of training on striking the perfect pose in an instant.  Even us photographers are awkward on the other side. No one teaches us every day folk how to “make love to the camera!” ☻

The difference between a “meh” headshot and a great headshot is having a photographer coach giving you direction and drawing the real you out in your session.  

you can't mess this up!

You're a natural at being yourself

It’s our job to put you at ease, and we have a plan. 

We developed a process to give you the best experience and headshot you’ve ever had.  We start with a meeting  to understand you, your profession, and your goals.  Then at your session, you learn some body language, micro expressions, and personal presence tips. Before you know it, you’re flirting with the camera!

Many of us do not like to be photographed.  We never like how we look in pictures, but when Shining Star Studios does it, you don’t realize you’re being photographed, and you’re relaxed and natural. That guarantees excellent results.

– Valeria Gerkey

Presenting your best

Why you need an excellent headshot

Studies show that total strangers can accurately determine if you’re headshot is authentic or not in less than one second of seeing it for the first time.  No one wants a forced or fake-looking profile picture on LinkedIn.  That could mean the difference in landing your next big client or job. 

Absolutely! Most people don’t like portraits of themselves because their expression isn’t genuine.

Think about it: when you’re looking into a camera lens, the thought going through your mind is, “I hope I look ok.” The reality is that the anxiety you feel when you think those words actually translates to your face without your knowing it. Your pictures turn out looking forced, and thus you feel that you’re not very photogenic.

Everyone is photogenic when they are being their genuine self. It’s our job to bring that out in you. You can’t mess up your headshot session. We promise. Come relax and have fun with us. We’ll take some great pictures that you can actually be proud to post to Facebook and LinkedIn.

  1. There are no wrong questions. Seriously, we’ve been doing this a long time, so ask us your questions.
  2. We’re going to assist you with wardrobe selection, but to get started, think solids but avoid all black or all white.
  3. Have your clothes cleaned and pressed. Wrinkles show up in pictures.
  4. Consider getting a manicure. Clean hands are very important: no chipping nail polish or dirty fingernails.
  5. Drink plenty of water for several days leading up to your session. Hydration keeps your skin looking healthier!
  6. Things to bring with you: your clean clothes, makeup for touchups, and accessories like jewelry or neck ties.
  7. It’s impossible to mess this up, so don’t worry. You’re going to be great!

After you book your headshot session package with payment:

  1. We schedule a Styling Consultation call to collaborate on your headshot goals and message.
  2. We photograph you! Before you leave, you choose your favorite images.
  3. We hand-edit your favorites & send you a download link within two business days of your session.
  4. You download your final edited photographs with a commercial use license.

Don’t worry – we discuss this in depth during our planning call.  We got you covered!

Each person is different, so the headshot session we craft for you is unique to you and your profession. What you wear depends on what message you want to send. If going for approachable and trustworthy, then your wardrobe will be completely different than if you’re going for a powerful and authoritative look. The point is that we collaborate with you to deliver a headshot that communicates your message.

We have years of experience in color psychology and personal presence- not to mention body language- so rest assured that we will guide you on exactly what to wear and how to wear it for your headshot session.

Choose from a variety of looks


Mini Session

$ 199
  • 20 minutes
  • One Wardrobe Change
  • One Background
  • One Retouched Image
  • We Hold These Once a Month

Standard Session

$ 399
  • 45 minutes
  • Three Outfits
  • Two Backgrounds
  • Two Retouched Images
  • Book on Demand

Luxury Session

$ 699
  • 90 minutes
  • Professional Hair and Makeup Included
  • Five Outfits
  • Three Retouched Images
  • Book on Demand
Simple steps to help you succeed

The Process

1. Consultation & Booking
Whether you book first or we collaborate first - either way - we've got your questions answered and a plan in place before your session.
2. Crush Your Session
Don’t worry: you can’t mess this up. It’s our job to put you at ease and capture the “real” you. So, relax – we got this!
3. Choose Your Favorites in Studio
Select your favorite headshots before you leave which makes our turnaround time super quick!
4. Download Your Images
We hand re-touch your selected headshots and email you a link to download them when they're ready. You also get a gallery of the other images as well.

Our monthly mini sessions fill up quickly. Reserve your session now.

About Your Photographer

Just between you and me, getting a good headshot is not easy!  Trust me – I know. This picture is one of 300+ in a series I took on a timer trying to photograph my own headshot. NEVER again!☻ 

That said, I’m much more comfortable on the screen side of the camera… as are most people. That’s why putting you at ease is first on the agenda.  Seriously, you can’t mess this up!  

We’ve invested hours in body language and micro expression training in order to empower you to nail your headshot session.  You’ll walk away knowing posing secrets that work in front of any camera.  You may even learn how to boost your confidence hormone levels through some simple body language exercises. ☻

And don’t worry, you won’t break my camera…. I’ve already had someone do that… but if you want to hear that story, you’ll have to call me directly.  ☻

If you’re still reading this, thank you!  As a small business owner, I understand the importance of supporting other local businesses, so I appreciate your considering Shining Star Studios.  Even if we’re not the best fit, I’d love to connect. I look forward to chatting with you. ☻

Shine on!

~ Esther

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