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  • Your perceived authenticity is vital to building trust with potential clients.
  • Generic stock photography can be spotted a mile away.
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Your audience connects with who you are as a business as well as who you are as a person. There is a story to why you do what you do.

What makes you unique? Why should someone do business with your business rather than someone elses?

Maybe you give a percentage of your profits to cancer research. Or you plant a tree for every purchase a client makes,

The point is: your ideal clients gravitate to you because you share the interest or values or both.

That’s where we come in. We have extensive training in branding photography. Let us help you tell that story.

We strategize with you on what stories to tell to convey your message that connects with your audience.

Before we define “branding,” let’s start with your “brand.”

Your BRAND is your client’s personal overall perception of your business, product, service, employees, and even you.  It is all-encompassing: your messaging, colors, logos, communication, stories, character, etc. In one word – it’s your reputation.

BRANDING is what you do to affect your reputation. 

Think of Publix and Aldi: same industry, but two different reputations, messages, and shopping experience results in two different feelings you’re having right now. That’s branding.

Yes – with some minor restrictions.  The copyright remains with Shining Star Studios LLC, but you receive a broad commercial usage in perpetuity in writing.  In short, you can’t claim the picture as your own nor re -sell nor give it to another party to use.  Common sense things like that.

We have an online gallery system that allows you to choose and download them right away.

Your Dynamic Duo

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” but for all businesses, having a good (or bad) picture representing your brand could be worth a thousand dollars of won (or lost) revenue!

We’re Esther and Michael Gambrell.  We specialize in visual branding.  We use stories to draw your customers in with photography, video, aerial imagery, and virtual tours.  

We’ve taken that skill set and developed a system around visual branding.  We guide you though step by step.  Let’s elevate your brand together!

Our expectations have not only been met but vastly exceeded for the branding of our storage business! We wanted “how to use” videos for our different types of units and this was done unbelievably well, in fact we receive as many complements on our videos as we do on our facility. With Google Analytics we have received a RECORD number of impressions on our web site! This is not advertising funds spent but incredibly well invested!

– Greg Leach | Fort Knox Climate Storage

Some of Our Work

Our most popular service

Website Refresh

When’s the last time you updated your website?  If it’s been a while, we here to provide the imagery you need.  From aerial footage from our licensed drone pilot to updated pictures for your about page, we work with you and your web designer to craft a session around what you need. 

Other Popular Services

360° Virtual Tours
Rate Based on Customizations

Studies prove that providing a virtual tour to prospective clients dramatically increases foot traffic and sales.

Team & Staff Headshots
Rates Based on Number of People

Elevate your brand with visual consistency.  Choose between our bringing the studio to you, or your coming to us. We're flexible.

"Day in the Life of..." Sessions
Day Rates

Show the heartbeat of your business. We spend the day capturing behind the scenes.  These personal stories endear your clients to you.

Corporate Events
Hourly Rates

Document your event with photography coverage. From big grand openings, to small ceremonies- we attend them all.

Simple steps to help you succeed

The Process

Tell Us About Your Brand
We’ll send you a detailed questionnaire and then we’ll get together to plan your session around exactly who you are.
Crush Your Session
Don’t worry: you can’t mess it up. It’s our job to put you at ease and capture the “real” you. So, relax – we got this!
License What You Need
We take lots of pictures and host them in your proof gallery, so you’ll have access to license more whenever you need them.
Watch You Engagement Grow
With pictures that tell the real story behind your brand, your customers feel like they know you. Thus, they engage more.

Don't let your images dull your brand. Talk to us today!

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