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What is Custom Photography?

Custom photography is photography is just that: custom.  We photograph with your end goal in mind. If fact everything we do is based on the custom design plan that we  build together.   Of COURSE you want pictures!  Of course you want to remember this stage in your life…. that’s why you have a million pictures on your phone!

What You DON’T Want!

You don’t want is a pushy sales-person who pressures you into buying that package of the same pose that includes 100 tiny wallets.  You don’t want an impersonal photographer who doesn’t even know your name, much less your story.  Finally, you don’t want to be a number in a database of a few thousand other people who’ve been to that photography studio.  You want a photo session that is organized and planned with YOUR goals in mind.

Get the Product You WantCustom Design Album Book Greenville SC Family and Couple Photographers

  • Would you like an album that captures the details of the past year?
  • Do you want a framed print that shows the essence and purity of your child’s personality?
  • Maybe you want a canvas grouping proudly displayed over your couch
  • Or a personalized photo gift book to give to Grandma
  • Maybe you just want a photographer to follow you or your family around for the day
  • The possibilities are endless…

Whatever it is you want, we offer a custom approach to everything we do so that you get what you really want, so you aren’t left with a drawer full of pictures that you look at once a year when you’re spring cleaning.

Get the Attention You Want

Hair and Makeup Artist How should I wear my makeup Greenville SC Family PhotographerThe NUMBER ONE question we hear is, “What should I wear in my pictures?”  Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered!  We coach you through what to wear for your body type.  We suggest colors and schemes based on your custom design plan.  We get to know your personal style and work that into your session.

Don’t want to have to worry about your hair and makeup? NO PROBLEM!  We can provide a hair and makeup artist that will be on set the entire time to ensure everything is in place! Don’t think you look good in pictures?  NO WORRIES!  We are experts in posing and giving direction so that you not only look fantastic, you will feel relaxed and at ease.  We sit down with every client before the session even starts and coach you on how to stand, sit, tilt your head, and hold your expression so that you to look great in front of every camera… not just ours.

Your Custom Art Design

When you commission us, you get a custom design consultation. We get to know you and your style.   We work with you to create a plan based on you want and your goals.  We take pictures and measurements of your home and present you with a visual proposal so you can actually see what your art is going to look like before we order it.  You don’t have to worry anymore if the canvas size you chose is the right fit because we are going to show you!

You Get an Amazing ExperienceReview Greenville Photographer - Fatima Quote

Not only do you get what you want, we want to create an amazing experience for you throughout the entire process.

We guide you through what to wear, how to style your session, and we coach you through the entire session on how to look your best.  Custom photography is all about getting what you want AND having a a wonderful time doing it!

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

If you’ve never commissioned custom photography before, we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

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A Little Bit About UsAbout-Us-Shining-Star-Studios-Couple-Pictures

We are natives of Greenville, SC who have a passion in getting to know you on a personal level and understanding what you love.

Our photography is based entirely on relationships, so we would love the opportunity to meet you. We want to get to know  you before you hire a photographer. We understand that we aren’t the best fit for everyone, but whether you choose us or someone else, we want want your session to be an incredible experience.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we love having good, clean fun!  We translate this to our photography by capturing moments– not just poses. We know the photographs we take will evoke emotions that will outlive our lifetimes. YOU create the memories; we just make them shine!

Please feel free to call us with any questions that you may have regarding photography- even if you have a question about that new camera you just got for your birthday.  We’d love to help you! We hope this little note helped you get to know us a little better. Now, we look forward to getting to know you and your passions. Shine on! ~ Esther & Michael Gambrell



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